On a daily basis, the team at Club Cat hears prospective customers say, “My cat isn’t on a flea med because she’s indoor only.” This is usually in response to our stringent policy that all kitty cat guests be on a flea treatment that lasts throughout their stay. Regardless of whether or not they roam outside or are an indoor-only cat.

Sadly, thinking your indoor-only cat cannot get fleas is a huge misconception. The truth about indoor-only cats is that they are completely susceptible to fleas. And once your indoor-only cat gets fleas, it can be a royal pain to get rid of them.

Club Cat | Yes, your indoor-only cat CAN get fleas!

Photo by Cats Coming from Pexels

In addition, it can be extremely detrimental to kitty’s health causing diseases such as tapeworm and dermatitis.

Ways your indoor-only cat can get fleas

From their humans: You take a walk through the tall grass or foliage. You go on a hike in the canyon or mountains. You pet a cat sunbathing in your neighbor’s yard. All places where fleas live. And since a flea can jump up to seven inches high, that means it can easily jump onto us. Then we become its unknowing transportation into our homes and onto our indoor-only cat.

Other cats and dogs: A friend stops by with her dog. A feral cat we feed from time to time lets us pet him. All of these scenarios present opportunities to bring fleas home to our indoor-only cats.

Animal Shelters: Shelters rescue cats and dogs that have been on the street, often infested with fleas. When you adopt a pet, the best thing to do is to take your new fur baby to the pet clinic the same day. That way, they can get a thorough examination including updated vaccinations and a thorough check for fleas. Even if the shelter says they’ve treated kitty, make sure you get her checked out at the clinic before taking her home!

Moving into a new house or apartment: Fleas can live in carpets, furniture, and floor boards for up to a year. That means you need to make sure your indoor-only cat is protected against becoming a flea’s new home.

Signs your indoor-only cat has fleas

If kitty is scratching endlessly or you observe patches of fur loss, these are signs. But these are not the only indications. Knowing all the signs is critical to identifying a flea problem in your indoor-only cat.

Club Cat | Yes, your indoor-only cat CAN get fleas!

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

How to prevent your indoor-only cat from getting fleas

The best way to prevent your indoor-only cat from getting fleas is to be vigilant! Check your cat frequently for signs of fleas and have them on a monthly topical or oral flea prevention treatment or medication.

At Club Cat, we run a flea-free hotel and require all of our kitty cat guests to be on a flea treatment. Even if they are indoor only. Because we want your indoor-only cat to come home just as healthy and happy as when he left!