My name is Shana and I am a cataholic. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. I am addicted to cats. Persian cats, tabby cats, Ragdoll cats, Bengal cats, you name it! I am addicted to all types of cats.

They say that admitting your addiction is half the battle but who says all addictions are bad? Cats have enriched my life since I was a baby. I’m a lifelong addict and I’m proud of it!

My Struggle as a Cat Parent

As an adult cat parent, I’ve struggled for many years with pet boarding. When I traveled, I’d worry like crazy about my kitty cats. You see, pet boarding was just not an option. I just could not see my cat in a cage or large box – for more than a day. Before I was married with children (let alone married with pets), fortunately, I had a good friend who was also single and would watch my beloved, late cat, Bella.

animal boarding

Bella playing with his baby human sister

Bella was a Ragdoll and had an amazing disposition, very similar to that of a dog. And so my friend happily watched him at her place each time I traveled. I missed him terribly, but I knew that he was in good hands – which made all the difference.  What was stressful though was that each time I went away, I wasn’t sure that this particular friend would be available. And there were times when she wasn’t. So I would drive Bella from Orange County to north Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, where I grew up – and then pick him back up if my friend wasn’t available, to stay at my parents’ house. Inconvenient? Yes. Worth it for my sanity? Absolutely! Why? Because it beat pet boarding my cat in a cage or a pet clinic where there were loud dogs and the smell of unhappy, bored cats.

The Struggle Gets Worse

kitten care

Maximus Decimus Meridius

cat kennel

Wilbur folding laundry

Ever since I got married and had kids 15 years ago, I have relied on a few neighbors to watch my cats. But I worry each time that they won’t be able to watch our cats, Maximus Decimus Meridius and Wilbur. Or that they will forget to feed and play with them twice a day. Maximus Decimus Meridius (named after the Gladiator) – who is 10 years old – has a very sensitive tummy and so you can’t just leave his food out, lest he pig out until he pukes his brains out. Wilbur doesn’t like to eat his food all at once. So if you leave it out, Maximus will eat it and Wilbur will be starving by his next feeding. You can see, something as simple as feeding can get tricky.

What Would Happen to my Kitty Cats in an Emergency?

And then there are scary emergency situations or natural disasters that we just can’t predict. Let’s face it – we live in an area where fires are becoming more prevalent. Anyone who recently watched the news of the Woolsey Fire and Camp Fire knows how important every single moment is when evacuating. Those who live in the hills are at-risk from floods or mudslides, particularly after a fire. And we in Southern California live in a region prone to earthquakes. While my neighbors were always reliable about feeding my cats in the morning and at night, would they remember them should disaster strike? That question was always at the back of my mind when I traveled. Like background web apps that drain your iPhone battery, they competed with my ability to focus on my work or enjoy my martini on the beach.

If I felt this way about my kitty cats, I suspected others might feel this way too.

Club Cat | Orange County's First Luxury Cat Boarding Hotel

Shana with her two cats, Maximus & Wilbur

Shana Takes Action!

So I finally decided to do something about it. I’m creating the type of cat only pet boarding experience that was not only lacking in Orange County, but also the type of pet boarding facility that I would want my cats to stay when I travel. And the best news is that Club Cat is a cat hotel exclusively for cats. Why? Because cats deserve their own special hotel, don’t you think?

Club Cat is no ordinary boarding experience. A lot of pet boarding facilities claim they are “luxury” when they really are not. It’s like Motel 6 claiming they are a luxury hotel akin to the Fairmont. Club Cat is the real deal. A genuine luxury animal boarding hotel designed for both cat and cat lover alike. Cat parents will get to watch their kitty cats via webcam any time they want. And our suites are not cages! Like a hotel room, they have walls and are 8 feet tall with a skybox that your kitty cat can lounge around and peer out to watch all kinds of cat programs on large screens. Cat parents can schedule time to chat with your kitty cat. And we offer many non-wet grooming amenities. Most importantly, we will take care of your kitty cat the way you would want them to be cared for in your absence. With lots of attention, nurturing, and love!

We are currently still under construction, but will be opening this winter in Irvine, California to serve all of Orange County and even greater Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

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