A few months ago, I blogged about the importance of hiring the right team. During a global pandemic, it is even more important for small business owners to have the right people on board. Trust, skill, responsibility, and dedication are just a few of the attributes that are essential to me as a small business owner.

Club Cat is very fortunate to have on our team another multi-talented, devoted cat lover: Sandy Fortelny. A regular “Martha Stewart” of cat care, Sandy pours herself into providing exemplary customer service in every possible way to our customers. She makes both kitty cat guest and cat parent alike feel at home. (And she even resembles Martha Stewart, don’t you think?)

Please meet Sandy!

Club Cat | The “Martha Stewart” of Cat Care

Sandy and Club Cat kitty cat guest Hank

CC: How did you initially discover Club Cat?

SF: I met Shana at a volunteer training class I was leading and because of my love for cats I was intrigued by the Club Cat shirt that she was wearing.  We talked later that evening and she invited me to visit Club Cat.  I went to visit a few days later and I was in awe at the amazing facility that she had created for kitties.  I was hooked and the rest is history.

CC: What made you interested in working at Club Cat? 

SF: I love cats!!  Each cat is unique and has their own unique personality and it is really fulfilling to take care of the kitties and help cat parents know that their kitties are well taken care of while they are at our luxury hotel.

CC: Your work experience with humans at various organizations is extensive. How does working with kitty cat guests compare to working with humans?

SF: Well, humans don’t hiss at you (at least not to your face).  With both humans and kitties you need to stay calm, be patient and respect their space.

Club Cat | The “Martha Stewart” of Cat Care

Sandy and her mother

CC: You’ve been a cat care Concierge at Club Cat for a year now. Do you have a favorite memory?

SF: I am currently a caregiver for my 91 year old mother who has dementia.  I had a particularly difficult day and I went to Club Cat to have some “Cat Therapy” time.  I took a kitty in the salon for Happy Hour and I truly think that the cat knew that I was stressed.  I was sitting on the floor petting the kitty and she climbed up in my lap and sat there for 30 minutes purring.  It was so relaxing and it totally de-stressed me.  Cats are magical!

Club Cat | The “Martha Stewart” of Cat Care

Sandy and her daughter

CC: You are not currently a cat mama but you successfully raised a human child who is now a flourishing adult. Do you see yourself becoming a cat parent any time soon?

SF: I hope and pray that someday I can have a kitty (or two) of my own.