Luxury Cat Boarding in Spacious Suites

Cats and reading just seem to go paw-in-paw. That’s why our suites are named after the classic books so many of us love to read cuddled up on the couch – or in front of a fire – next to our kitty cats.


  • Catterpurry Tails
  • Cat 22
  • Catfur in the Rye
  • The Great Catsby
  • Meowby Dick
  • The Sound and the Furry
  • A Tail of Two Kitties
  • Romeow and Juliet
  • Anna Purrenina
  • Portrait of a Cat
  • Brave New Cat
  • To Kill a Meowingbird
  • Lord of the Furs
  • The Cat of Monte Cristo
  • Catlas Shrugged
  • The Chronicles of Furnia
  • The Art of Purr
  • Purrsuasion
  • The Wizard of Paws
  • The Three Meowskateers

Club Cat accommodates our kitty cat guests with their own private, spacious suite they can make their very own. Kitty cats can curl up in a small enclosed space, climb eight feet high and sprawl out on their own exclusive balcony, or lick themselves to their hearts content at the edge of a cat walk somewhere in between.

Built especially for the vertically inclined, suites come with a comfy bed, toys (sanitized for each new guest prior to their arrival), multi-level lounging apparatus, and a private bath (enclosed litter box).

Suite Sizes and Introductory Rates