In July, we announced our community partnership with the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in a blog post. We are equally ecstatic to announce that we are also also OFFICIALLY partnered with Catmosphere Laguna Foundation.

Club Cat | Meet Club Cat's Community Partner, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation!We’ve featured Catmosphere Laguna Foundation’s fearless and furless founder, Gail Landau, a few times on our blog. But to recap, the first time I met Gail was summer of 2018 right before the cat café opened. My daughters and I were walking down Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach headed to the beach and I stopped in to ask one of the construction workers if the owner was available. Gail happened to be working at a nearby table just outside. We connected instantly and have been each other’s cheerleaders ever since.

Club Cat | Meet Club Cat's Community Partner, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation!Gail’s heart for finding furrever homes for cats is unparalleled. She could easily be enjoying retirement after a long, successful career in law. Instead, she invests so much of her time and resources into the Foundation’s Mission: to increase the county’s rate of feline adoptions and provide improved lives and futures for kitties awaiting their furrever homes.

I hope that after reading more about Catmosphere Laguna Foundation you will consider getting involved with this magical charity. After all, rescues make the world go ‘round.

Please re-meet Gail Laundau!

SM: You started Catmosphere Laguna Foundation shortly after you opened Catmosphere Laguna. Can you tell us a little about the Foundation and why it exists?

GL: Actually, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation came first in 2017. Then, when I developed our Catmosphere Laguna Lounge concept, the S Corporation was born in 2018.  My primary intention was always to work to find homes for abandoned and rescued felines of all ages. The ability to cuddle and socialize with the rescued kitties provides a unique and wonderful opportunity for our cats to choose their forever families. Our busy Adoption Events are a ton of fun for the family and a great way to get to know our cats and kittens.

Club Cat | Meet Club Cat's Community Partner, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation!SM: What is the best part of creating and running such a well-needed foundation?

GL: My team of volunteers and foster families is rewarded each and every day with the knowledge that our efforts save and enhance feline lives. We are committed to their health and welfare and many of our foundlings come to us with multiple veterinary issues after a life or recent birth on the streets. The pregnant kittens present an immediate challenge to secure a safe place for delivery and nursing and to assure all are healthy and thriving. The cats who have lived on the streets or have been abandoned present separate challenges. The elderly, too, can find homes after we assess personality, socialization, behavior towards humans, children, and other pets, etc. Our adoption policies are firm and our individual home checks assure the best likelihood of success and that is our goal!

SM: You’ve successfully placed so many kitties and even some Club Cat kitties for customers who need to rehome their kitties. What has been your most memorable furrever home placement?

Club Cat | Meet Club Cat's Community Partner, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation!

Gail & Delilah

GL: There are so many. One stands out, in particular, and that is Miss Delilah. She is an eleven year old girl who was a long term “vacationer” at Club Cat when we met. She clearly needed a loving and understanding forever home as she is a senior set in her ways. After a considerable time providing her loving foster care and reviewing multiple adoption applications she finally chose her forever Cat Daddy. Delilah is now the Queen of her one cat home with a doting human catering to her every needs. There is no better success “tail” than Delilah’s.

SM: How can cat-lovers and advocates best support the Catmosphere Laguna Foundation?

GL: As a non-profit, we can only achieve our successes through excellent veterinary care which translates to donations to support our Veterinary Fund. Donation dollars make all the difference because our policy is to pay it forward into our Fund with adoption dollars and contributions. In that way, our protocols are supported and our reputation for healthy and socialized felines remains excellent. In addition, we love our foster families and we ask that if any of your loyal clients are willing to give of themselves and their time, please try fostering. Catmosphere Laguna Foundation supplies all our fosters’ needs and gifts-in-kind from our Amazon Wishlist also ensure we have all the food and supplies our loving families need for intake and feline happiness. We accept incoming cats on a case by case basis and will match our fosters with the right rescued cats. OUR NEED FOR FOSTERS IS ALWAYS HIGH.

For more information, visit the Catmosphere Laguna website

Club Cat | Meet Club Cat's Community Partner, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation!