Many of our customers at Club Cat had never boarded their cats before they found us. For various reasons. Some haven’t found a place where they feel comfortable boarding their cats. Others are fortunate enough to have family or roommates who will watch their kitty in the comfort of their own home.

One such customer is Rocky’s cat mama, Nyla, who recently boarded him at Club Cat for the first time. She has an entirely different perspective on pet care than most of us do. See, Nyla is an emergency veterinary professional. Which means she regularly encounters extreme situations that many of us will fortunately never experience with our pets. It takes a very special kind of human to do the work that Nyla and her colleagues do for our pets every day.

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Rocky lounging in his hammock shelf at Club Cat

Our team had the pleasure of getting to know sweet Rocky during his recent stay at Club Cat. We also had the opportunity to learn a bit about Nyla and her path to becoming a veterinarian.

We are highly honored that Nyla chose Club Cat after a lengthy search to find the right place for her gorgeous feline. And that she recognizes that our cat-loving team is committed to providing the very best service to our human and kitty customers.

Meet future veterinarian, Nyla!

CC: First things first…Tell us about your kitties and doggies!

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Nyla’s Chihuahua, Buddy

Nyla: I have four lovely fur babies in total as of right now; two doggies and two kitties. My oldest canine is Buddy, and he’s an 8-year old toy Chihuahua that adores spending his days getting belly rubs while sunbathing. He’s my little senior guy that enjoys the perks of slow living. My younger dog is Sasha, and she’s a spunky 3-year old German Shepherd that spends her time people-watching from our home windows, expelling her zoomies throughout the yard, and playing with her favorite stuffed dragon toy.

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Nyla’s German Sheppard, Sasha

As for my felines, my oldest is Rocky. He’s a 7-year old Domestic Short Hair that is undoubtedly the adventurer and lover boy of the pack. If he could choose any hobby as his own, listening to kitty lullabies while getting head scratches in our garden would be the one. My youngest kitty of the pack is Lucifur (Lucy for short) and he’s a 5-year old Domestic Long Hair deep onyx-tone locs of fur. Despite Lucy’s stoic exterior, he’s an immensely playful kitty that enjoys the companionship of anyone that will give him chin scratches and provide him his nightly Greenie treat after dinner. Even though the fur babies in my pack vary greatly, they all fit together and complete one another as if from the same litter.

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Nyla’s youngest kitty, Lucifer aka “Lucy”

CC: Give us a glimpse into your journey in animal sciences – why you decided on this career and where are you now on your journey?

Nyla: Ever since I can remember, my passion for animals has been the driving force behind my academic and career pursuits. This intrinsic connection led me to my appreciation for biology, as I am steadfastly committed to becoming a veterinarian specializing in emergency medicine. My journey towards this aspiration has been shaped by a confluence of experiences, from my childhood adventures to my academic endeavors, to my hands-on work at VCA West LA Animal Hospital. I recall being about 6-years old and spending my summer days with my magnifying glass in the backyard of my childhood home examining our pets’ droppings for parasitic organisms, analyzing the leaves of our avocado tree for feasting insects, as well as conducting physical exams of our pets which primarily consisted of looking through their fur with my magnifying glass for creepy crawlers and immense belly rubs. This memory is only one of many I have that encompasses how my curiosity and passion for animal sciences presented itself in precious, innocent moments as those previously described.

I am currently a student at California State University, Dominguez Hills pursuing my Bachelors degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Choosing this as my major was an instinctive decision. It undoubtedly serves as the cornerstone for understanding the intricacies of life, providing the necessary foundation for veterinary medicine. Every lecture, lab, and field study reinforces my resolve to delve deeper into the biological sciences, preparing me for the challenges that lie ahead.

CC: You recently boarded your cat Rocky at Club Cat for the first time. How did you come to select Club Cat and what was this first experience like for you and your family?

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Rocky in his element

Nyla: Working in the Emergency department of a veterinary hospital has instilled in me a profound awareness of the intricacies involved in ensuring the well-being of animals. As I embarked on the search for a boarding facility for my beloved cat, Rocky, my professional background intensified my nervousness and fear. Having witnessed the unpredictable nature of emergencies, I’m attuned to the importance of a secure and trustworthy environment for our feline fur babies. The thought of leaving Rocky in unfamiliar hands amplified my apprehension, as I sought a boarding facility that not only prioritized his health but also understood the nuances of feline care, assuaging my anxieties and allowing me to enjoy my vacation with the confidence that Rocky is in capable and compassionate care. After many months of researching dozens of boarding facilities, touring their premises, reading seemingly endless online reviews, as well as inquiring with friends for their own personal recommendations, I felt overwhelmed and uncomfortable with proposed arrangements until I came across Club Cat. Club Cat presented itself as a luxury hotel and resort for felines. Upon reviewing their facility’s policies online, I was highly impressed to find out that they abide by veterinary medicine guidelines set forth by veterinary professionals, such as that of local veterinarians and even that of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Another aspect of this facility that pleasantly caught my attention was “The Aristocrat Experience” which includes a webcam feature in your pet’s stay so you can check in on your feline fur baby anytime from your phone or laptop/computer.

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Rocky at home pondering kitty life

After the tour my family took at Club Cat, I was absolutely certain that this was the only facility I could trust with my cat’s care. Upon picking Rocky up from his 3-night stay with Club Cat, I was genuinely impressed with the meticulous attention to care that each individual cat receives at this cat hotel. The staff’s commitment to understanding the unique needs and preferences of every feline resident reflects a level of dedication that completely surpassed my expectations, ensuring a comfortable and tailored experience for each cat under their watchful care. For me, my biggest worry was Rocky experiencing a stress-induced urinary obstruction since this was his first time ever being away from home for anything longer than a vet visit. At time of discharge however, I was provided a log of his urinary and bowel movements which was more than I could have expected but was more than appreciative. Since bringing Rocky home from Club Cat, I have advised any and everyone I’ve encountered in the search of boarding services for their feline friends, to visit Club Cat. No matter the needs of your kitty, I’m sure Club Cat can provide everything they require and more.

CC: Where is Nyla in 5 years from now professionally? In 10 years?

Nyla: In 5-years, Nyla will have already graduated with her Bachelors degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from California State University, Dominguez Hills. By this time, she will be in her second or third year at either UC Davis or Western University of Health Sciences, studying to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Nyla at work with a patient

In 10-years, Nyla will have graduated vet school, passed the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam, completed her internship with Critical Care as her chosen specialty, and by this time will now be working as an Emergency Veterinarian or Criticalist at her selected hospital.

CC: If you could give cat parents advice on anything, what would it be?

Nyla: If I could give cat parents advice on anything, I’d recommend when considering boarding for your furry friend, to choose a facility that prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and individualized care. Verify that the staff are experienced and attentive to each cat’s unique needs. Provide detailed information about your cat’s health, habits, and preferences to ensure a seamless transition. You can even visit the facility beforehand to assess its environment and ask about daily routines, playtime, and veterinary access. Simulating a stimulating environment at home is equally important. Investing in interactive toys, scratching posts, and puzzle feeders can engage your cat mentally and physically. Before boarding, consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice based on your cat’s health and behavior. With careful planning and attention to your cat’s individual needs, both boarding experiences and at-home simulations can contribute to a positive and stress-free environment for your feline companion.

Club Cat | Devoted cat mama and future veterinarian discovers Club Cat!

Sasha and Lucy conversing