Club Cat FAQs

Finally, a place worthy of your feline!

What Is Needed Before I Arrive?

Proof of current FVRCP (done no sooner than 72 hours prior to kitty cat’s arrival date – can be waived by pet clinic for aging cats or if veterinarian has deemed it not medically sound due to another condition) and Rabies vaccination (or veterinarian’s note waiving the Rabies vaccination) must be provided in advance of your kitty cat’s stay – this is mandatory…no exceptions!

Flea meds: We also require that your kitty is flea-free when they arrive at Club Cat. To help ensure this, kitty must currently be on a topical flea treatment (Advantage, Frontline, Bravecto to name a few vet recommended ones) is good through his stay at Club Cat. If kitty is not currently on a flea med, we will apply one at Club Cat for a fee if you do not bring one with you. Note: We DO perform checks for fleas upon arrival and if there is any evidence of fleas present, unfortunately we CANNOT let kitty stay. This is for the health and safety of all our kitty cat guests. We highly recommend you check kitty thoroughly for fleas prior to check-in day to prevent any last-minute inconveniences that may impact your travel given our strict policy. Even if your kitty is indoor-only, they can still contract fleas. This PetMD article discusses a few of the common ways.

Why do you require the FVRCP vaccination to be given AT LEAST 72 hours prior to kitty cat's stay at Club Cat?

Club Cat’s primary concern is that our kitty cat guests’ health is not compromised during their stay at Club Cat. To this end, we abide by guidelines set forth by first-rate veterinarian medicine institutions and professionals such as the University of California at Davis which state that vaccines should be given to pets at least 72 hours but ideally 7 days prior to boarding at any facility.

Does my kitty cat need to be spayed / neutered?

All kitties 6 months or older must be fixed to stay at Club Cat.

Do you board cats who are sick?

No, Club Cat does not board cats that show any signs of a cold, infection, or transmittable disease prior to check-in. We prescreen our kitty cat guests in advance of boarding by asking customers questions about kitty’s medical history.  We require core vaccinations, and we also check for any signs illness during check-in.

If your kitty cat shows signs of a cold or infection upon check-in, we cannot board kitty. The health of our existing boarders is our priority and we cannot compromise that. Club Cat does not board any kitties that we know in advance have a condition or disease that is transmittable, whether or not kitty is currently exhibiting symptoms. This includes but is not limited to FIV and FELV. 

Unfortunately, no vaccine is 100% effective. In addition, there are certain transmittable diseases that cats can be carriers of and yet not present symptoms of at check-in or during their stay. When cats are stressed due to being in a new environment, their immune systems are lowered.

While Club Cat has scrupulous protocols in place to try to prevent and minimize the spread of transmittable disease, there are some events that are out of our control. No cat boarding facility is 100% shielded from Upper Respiratory Infection. Including Club Cat. 

Q: What is an upper respiratory infection in cats?

A feline upper respiratory infection (URI) is a highly contagious infection in the nose, sinuses, mouth, and/or throat. Several infectious agents, both viruses and bacteria, play a role in respiratory infections in cats.

Q: How can a cat get an upper respiratory infection?

Infected cats pass the infection through saliva or secretions from the nose or eyes, or through contaminated objects that carry the infectious secretions, such as food and water bowls, litter boxes, toys, and bedding.

Q: What are the signs?

Symptoms include sneezing, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the membranes lining the eyelids), discharge from the nose or eyes, squinting, decreased / absent appetite, coughing, lethargy, fever, ulcers in the mouth, difficulty breathing, lymph node swelling.

Symptoms are generally mild at first and worsen within one to three days. The incubation period lasts from 2 to 17 days and the infection can last from one to four weeks.

Q: Which cats are at highest risk?

Kittens and senior cats with less robust immune systems, and cats with an underlying disease, are more prone to URIs. But all cats are susceptible, especially when placed in a new environment, due to stress which lowers the ability to fight infections.

Q: How can upper respiratory infections be prevented?

There is no way to completely prevent URIs. Vaccinations such as the FVRCP can be helpful in reducing your cat’s risk of contracting a URI. Vaccinated cats are more likely to experience mild signs that don’t require treatment.

Sources: Pet MD; VCA Hospitals


What should I bring?

Flea treatment – If you have not already applied a topical or oral flea med (no organic or flea collars as they are often not effective or healthy for kitty) then kitty must receive one upon checkin. We DO perform checks for fleas and / or eggs upon checkin and will refuse kitty if we see any evidence of fleas. This applies to ALL kitties, including indoor only as they also can contract fleas and do despite popular yet mistaken belief that they are protected. See “What is Needed Before I Arrive?” question for details.

Food – Please bring enough food for your kitty cat to be fed twice per day for the duration of his stay. Eating his own food is the ideal scenario for his belly and his stress levels. If you forget your food, we will provide our house blend for an additional fee.

Favorite home items – We highly recommend you bring kitty cat’s favorite toy and/or blanket, something that she can smell and lounge on to make her feel even more at home. Washable beds and small condos are welcome but if too bulky, we may not be able to accommodate. Please be sure to label ALL of your items, including canned food in advance. Toys are welcome as long as they do not fit underneath a standard door –  we don’t want kitty’s toys ending up in another kitty’s suite!

Should I bring my cat's litter, liter box, or food bowls?

No! We provide the cat litter, litter box, AND all feeding bowls. However, if you your kitty cat prefers her own litter, feel free to bring that instead. But leave the litter box and feeding bowls to us!

Can I drop off/pickup my cat anytime?


Club Cat check-ins and check-outs are by appointment only. We operate similar to a human hotel: Check-out time is in the morning; Check-in time is in the afternoon. By appointment only. Check-out appointments are scheduled in advance 9:00 am – 11:30 am Monday – Friday. Check-in apopintments are scheduled in advance 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. Saturday Check-in and Check-out is 9 am – 1 pm. We enforce these times for the benefit of all of our kitty cat patrons. If you arrive early or late for your appointment and someone else is checking in or out, we ask that you be patient. 

If you need to schedule a late check-in or an early check-out, we can usually make arrangements during our normal business hours for an additional fee of $20. Please note: We do not schedule check-ins or check-outs M-F 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. 

Do you arrange special accommodations for early check-ins/ late check outs?

Yes, provided space is available. Must be scheduled in advance. Additional fee: $20

What if I don’t live in Orange County?

Club Cat welcomes out-of-towners! If you’re relocating to or vacationing in Orange County and don’t have a place for kitty cat to stay, Club Cat is here for you – and your feline!

What is your cancellation policy?

Guests who cancel confirmed reservations at least four days prior to their arrival date, for non-holiday periods (Thanksgiving week, Christmas and New Years weeks) will receive a full refund on their $50 deposit.

Confirmed reservations for holiday periods (Thanksgiving week, Christmas and New Years weeks) must be cancelled at least 10 days prior to arrival to receive a refund on the deposit collected (50% of stay) and remainder of balance due is charged at check-in. 

Can I come see Club Cat before I book a reservation?

We’d love to meet you in advance! Please note that our focus is on our existing Club Cat patrons and so our non-cat hours are limited. Send us an email or call us to arrange a visit. For the comfort of our guests, we limit the number of non-family visitors each day. Schedule your visit in advance – drop-ins will only be allowed a tour if time slots are available.

Why are you closed to non-cats during for a few hours during the day?

We close the doors a few hours each day in order to focus on our kitty cat guests and their needs and desires.

Do you provide discounts for customers?

Yes! Club Cat is proud to extend the following discounts for kitty cat’s first stay:

  • 20% off kitty cats whose parents have served in the military.
  • 10% off your kitty’s next stay at Club Cat if you refer a kitty who stays at Club Cat.
    *Please note that above discounts cannot be combined

Do you have special pricing for long-term stays?

Yes! See our Extended Care Rates for special pricing for stays of 30 days or more. 

What’s the difference between the AristoCat Experience and the EconoCat Experience?

The main difference is that the AristoCat Experience comes with our popular (and entertaining!) webcam feature which means customers can watch their kitty 24/7 from their phone, mobile device, or PC. 

No matter what customer experience you choose, we give our kitty cat patrons love and attention according to their own unique needs and desires.

Do I need to have an emergency contact on file?

Yes. We require a local emergency contact to be on file who is not traveling with you in case your kitty cat gets sick or injured and can no longer stay at Club Cat.

What do you charge for Mid-Peak and Peak times?

Peak period rates are $5 more per kitty cat per night for all booking types. 

Visit our Holiday Schedule and Peak Times page for detailed information on the current year’s schedule.


Can I add Happy Hours and other services once my kitty is there?

Absolutely! We have a la carte items so customers can add amenities and services as they wish. Unfortunately, EconoCat customers will not be able to add the webcam once kitty is checked in.

How can I reserve a suite for my cat(s)?

All reservations are made online by clicking on any “Book Now” button. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We require a credit card in order to reserve a suite. We will charge the deposit with this card automatically.

If you’d like to pay with a different credit card than the one you booked kitty’s initial reservation with online, you may do so upon checkout. Note: we are unable to accept cash payments for services rendered.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a $50 deposit per cat family (regardless of whether your kitties are staying in the same suite or different suites) will be charged by our team. The deposit is non-refundable 4 days prior to check-in date. Please see our Holiday / Peak Time page for detailed information on deposits and payments during our Holiday season (Thanksgiving week, Christmas through New Years).

Do you support any local charities?

Yes! Club Cat PURROUDLY supports two cat-only charities / nonprofits in Orange County. Catmosphere Laguna Foundation and The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats. A PURRcentage of Club Cat’s revenue is donated to both of these foundations quarterly.