Club Cat Hotel & Resort recently hosted its very first cat pet boarder – an adorable, five-month old orange tabby kitten. At just around six pounds, little Fluffy charmed her way into our hearts and we can’t wait until she comes back to stay with us.

No ordinary kitten

Fluffy is no ordinary kitten.

First of all, she is a tabby cat. You may not already know this (I didn’t) but tabby refers to the coat patterns. It’s not an actual cat breed. Tabby cats can be colors other than orange. However, all orange cats are tabby cats.

Secondly, only 20% of orange tabby cats are female. As the proud cat parent of a male orange tabby, I found this fact to be so fascinating that I looked up the science behind it. Turns out, the X chromosome determines the tabby coat pattern. So males need just one X chromosome from either parent while females need both Xs. Catster has a great article on this if you’re interest is piqued.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, Fluffy has the type of personality that could charm the fur off Grumpy Cat. Club Cat | Club Cat’s first pet boarding customer is a kitten!And I can’t quite put my finger on it.  She was just the perfect blend of talkative, playful, curious, cuddly, and so darn cute.

No ordinary cat kennel

In so many ways, Fluffy was the purrfect first pet boarding cat for Club Cat. She was so refreshing to care for and we couldn’t wait to see her and play with her each morning.Club Cat | Club Cat’s first pet boarding customer is a kitten!

And Club Cat’s suites were purrfect for her too! True to her kitten nature, she was extremely active. So our 8-feet high suites with multiple levels and a balcony allowed Fluffy to jump and lounge and play to her heart’s content. When she was too tired to play anymore or she had a full belly, she would sleep on her comfortable bed. And sometimes, we’d spy on her and she’d be gazing out

Club Cat Irvine Orange County cat boarding kennel

the window at the interesting people walking by. We also loved Club Cat | Club Cat’s first pet boarding customer is a kitten!to watch her cuddled up all cozy and warm via webcam before we went to sleep. Needless to say, Club Cat Hotel & Resort is not ordinary pet boarding!

Pet boarding your cat this spring break and summer?

Planning a trip, whether a vacation or work travel, can be time consuming. And stressful. Why not book your cat’s stay at Club Cat Hotel & Resort now instead of waiting? That way, it’s just one thing to cross off your growing to-do list.

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