Friday, March 1 was the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Club Cat – and I think it left everyone who attended feline fine! Guests ranged from cat lovers, cat parents, and veterinarian care professionals to Irvine Chamber of commerce members and ambassadors to City of Irvine councilmembers and others representing Orange County government. It was a bit of Irvine’s own catapalooza.

The two phrases I love hearing as a new cat hotel owner

What I heard from so many folks that pleased me as a new owner of a first-of-its-kind luxury cat hotel is:

1) “Wow, I did NOT expect it to be half as gorgeous and luxurious as it is!”

One of my goals from day one was to design a luxury cat hotel that really is a luxury cat hotel. In my research in visiting many pet care facilities, including some cat-only pet hotels, I noticed the promotional messaging billed it as a luxury pet hotel when in actuality, it was not luxury at all. At least, it wasn’t my idea of luxury. I envisioned a sort of Ritz Carlton for cats, where everything looked sparkly and clean and smelled beautifully.

2) “Can I stay here too?”

This is precisely the comment I was hoping humans would think when they walked through the door of our brand new cat hotel. And no amount of pictures does Club Cat justice. You just have to experience it – touch it, see it, feel it. But go ahead and take a peek anyway. Here are some pictures of the cat hotel crowd that day…

cat hotel

Shana is about to cut the ribbon!

cat's meow

Need we say more?

Club Cat Ribbon Cutting

Guests enjoying the ambience and food

When it comes to a cat hotel, beauty does not compensate for genuine tender loving care (TLC)

As beautiful as Club Cat really is, the truth is that there is nothing more important than placing your beloved pet – be it a cat, dog, rabbit, snake, horse, etc. – in the care of people who you trust will take care of your beloved fur baby. All the glamour and glitz aside, at Club Cat’s core are people who care deeply about cats and love to interact with them. As cat parents, we know how we feel when we go away and hope our beloved cats are being taken care of with genuine love and care. What more can a traveling cat parent ask of a cat hotel?


Reserve your cat’s stay today

If you are planning an upcoming business trip or a vacation, let Club Cat be you and your cat’s paradise away from home. Book at the first luxury cat hotel in Orange County today!