Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!We first featured Catmosphere Laguna, Orange County’s first cat café and lounge, in a Club Cat Blog post back in 2019 for their first year anniversary. Back then, the café and lounge was booming with meows and cat lovers and soon-to-be cat parents. And their success continued until the pandemic sadly shut the café and lounge down like so many other businesses in its wake.

In that post, I talk about first meeting Catmosphere’s renaissance founder, Gail, shortly before the café and lounge opened its doors – and many months before Club Cat opened its doors.

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Shana & Gail

I was captivated by this talented, successful woman who spent over 30 years as a litigator before launching Catmosphere. And who has since then become a true mentor to me.

So much has happened since that sunny day on the beach in 2018 when we first met. Unsurprisingly, Gail has made Catmosphere Laguna Foundation a huge success despite major setbacks.

I speak from experience that Gail and her Catmosphere team truly are the Matchmaker of the Meows. Last year, one of Club Cat’s favorite customers made the difficult decision to rehome their precious kitties, originally foster fails, due to their heavy

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Cowboy & Birdie

travel schedule. Finding the perfect forever home for Cowboy and Birdie while keeping them together was a non-negotiable for them. We connected them with Gail’s team who matched them up with a couple who had recently lost their beloved aging sibling cats. This warmed our hearts because the entire Club Cat team had fallen deeply in love with Cowboy and Birdie!

I’m excited to share that Catmosphere Laguna and Club Cat are “purring up” together in early April for an exciting event. (Read the interview to learn about this event and SPURRead the word.)

Re-meet Gail Allyn Landau!

SM: The pandemic derailed OC’s first cat café. But like a cat, you’ve landed Catmosphere on its feet! When did you realize that you weren’t going to let circumstances out of your control dictate Catmosphere’s future?

GAL: Yes, indeed, we landed on our cat feet in two ways. First, despite the pandemic closure of our Cat Lounge our 2017 non-profit mission is and always

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Catmosphere adoption event

has been finding forever homes for abandoned and homeless cats and kittens and we wasted no time in immediately finding foster care for the 17 cats in our charge in March, 2020. Second, we served a very important need during the pandemic when we received dozens of calls either for the adoption of a cat as so many people worked from home or for rehoming cats and kittens when individuals had to make tough housing choices and were unable to keep their beloved felines. From there on we became known as “Matchmaker to the Meows” and have developed our adoption program even more robustly.

SM: Tell us about Catmosphere Laguna Foundation!

GAL: As we prepare for 2023 we expect to have the range of fully vetted adoptable felines:

Mamas and their last litter of kittens, young cats 2-5 years of age, and relinquished “teenagers” and “elders” from 6-12-15 years of age. (We always refer elders to the excellent Blue Bell Foundation for Cats.)

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Catmosphere adoption event

At most of our upcoming adoption events, we allow between 8 to 10 kittens and cats. Our special needs cats and kittens require additional veterinary care and understanding and are all available to the right family. Private meetings are arranged as we find these kitties can be especially sensitive to the stimulation of too many humans! Our adoption success rate is 100% and we will never separate bonded pairs. We allow no same day adoptions and all potential adopters are fully vetted with reference checks, personal interviews, and  mandatory house checks prior to adoption approval. We are not shy about turning down individuals and families who are not serious feline adopters.

SM: How many cats has Catmosphere found furrever homes for to date?

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Catmosphere adoption event

GAL: Our adoption rates vary throughout the year and, on average, we successfully find forever homes for at least 100 felines per year. Since 2017, our Catmosphere Laguna Adoption network has adopted out or placed almost 600 cats and kittens.

SM: I heard a rumor that Catmosphere Laguna Foundation is hosting a cat adoption at Club Cat in April…is that true?

GAL: We are thrilled to include the popular Club Cat among our adoption pop up venues this year and were honored by your invite, Shana! All the good work you do caring for cats and kittens is so impressive to us and our Catmosphere families. We will see you on Saturday April 1st from 11am to 2pm with some of our adoptable cats and kittens, each with full personalities and lots of love to share in their new forever homes.

CC: What are some ways that us cat folk can support Catmosphere Laguna Foundation?

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Catmosphere Adoption Event

GAL: Our website is the source for information about our non-profit as well as adoption applications and foster forms. We need loving Families! Until we relocate our Cat Lounge right here in Laguna Beach (stay posted to our Instagram catmosphere_laguna for upcoming MEWS) we rely on our generous Foster Families. And, by the way, all fosters are fully vetted, too. Catmosphere Laguna Foundation provides for our foster family needs such as litter, food, toys, necessary medications and much more thanks to our generous Laguna Beach and OC families and donors.  Donations support our Veterinary Fund for testing, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and microchips. All adoption proceeds support our non-profit mission.

SM: A new Catmosphere Laguna cat lounge…that is so exciting Gail! Any future Catmosphere events you can share with us?

GAL: Our pop-up events this year included successful weekends this February at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter and Gelson’s Market Laguna  Beach.

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!

Catmosphere Cat Adoption Events

In addition to our upcoming April 1 Club Cat event, we will be popping up at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter on April 15, June 17, August 19, October 21 and year-end holiday events and at Gelson’s Laguna Beach on May 27, August 26, October 28, and year-end holiday events.

For more information, visit the Catmosphere Laguna website.

Club Cat | Catmosphere Laguna - Matchmaker to the Meows!