Welcome to Club Cat®

Planning a vacation or traveling for business? 

Need a first-rate cat boarding kennel? 

Club Cat, Orange County’s premier luxury cat boarding hotel is here for you – and your cat!

Club Cat Hotel & Resort is a boutique, luxury cat boarding destination exclusively for felines.

As lifelong cat lovers, we know how stressful it can be to rely on friends, family, and neighbors to take care of our beloved cats the way you want them taken care of. Many of us are not comfortable with conventional cat boarding options. 

  • Pet sitting: Giving a paid pet sitter – a complete stranger – access to our home and personal belongings.

  • Caged up in a pet clinic: Leaving our kitty cat cramped in a cage for days or weeks with loud, stressful noises like dogs barking or howling.

Cats need more than just a bowl of water, food, and a litter box to thrive – and studies show they even prefer interacting with humans over food.

Whether you’re going on a business trip, traveling leisurely, or accommodating a last-minute commitment away from home, you deserve to have peace of mind while you’re away. As does your kitty cat. 

Our goal at Club Cat Hotel & Resort for cats is to minimize your stress – and your kitty cat’s – by providing a safe, clean, cat-friendly, and environmentally stimulating home-away-from-home for your feline while you’re away. Here’s how we stand apart from other pet boarding options:

  • Fashioned after luxury hotels and resorts, Club Cat’s unique accommodations are designed specifically for boarding cats. 

  • Cat parents can watch their kitty cat 24/7 from a mobile phone via a webcam positioned in kitty cat’s own suite. 

  • Spacious suites are each 8 feet in height (and up to 5 feet wide) with enclosed balconies. This allows our kitty cat guests to lounge and gaze to their hearts’ content at various levels of their choice. We don’t use cages!

  • We do not intermingle cats from different families for safety and health purposes. We are conveniently  located right across the street from one of the best 24-hour emergency hospitals in Orange County – Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital!

Knowing your cherished feline companion is being pampered not just once a day, but throughout the day can make all the difference for you – and your kitty cat – while you are away.

Besides. Why should dogs have all the fun?


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