Cat people are different from dog people, and they usually recognize these differences. Every so often, you’ll be that person that loves them both equally, but that’s not usually the way it plays out. If you’re a new cat owner or are thinking about getting or adopting a kitty, here are some ideas to help you keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

1. Find a Good Vet

Club Cat | 5 Tips for Inexperienced Cat Owners

A good vet is worth every penny. Check out the best pet insurance companies to see how they work with vets in your area to help you offset the costs. To find a vet, you can also read through Yelp and Google reviews. Asking people that live near you for recommendations is a great way to go, too. When you take your new kitty in for the first appointment, request a microchip, so if your cat ever gets out, it has a chance of finding its way back to you.

2. Give Your Kitty a Comfortable Space

If you’re adopting an adult cat, there’s a good chance that it will probably be a little more on the shy side. Your home will be a new place with new people, and that’s scary for a cat. Make sure your cat has a place to feel safe and secure. Cats appreciate having their own bubble, so respect their space to make your cat feel comfortable.

3. Cats Scratch Things, so Have Appropriate Things to Scratch

All cats have an instinct to scratch at various things like cardboard boxes, scratching posts, walls, furniture, sofas, doors—basically any vertical surface they can reach. The idea is to have something you’re okay with your cat scratching to get their

scratches out. To attract them to a good place to scratch, try using catnip to help them find it. 

4. Feed Your Kitty the Right Food

Different stages of life require different types of food for cats. You shouldn’t feed an adult cat the same thing you would feed a kitten. Senior cats need food that is also formulated for them. When you choose your kitty, you need to make sure you’re feeding it the right kind of food for it to thrive. Remember that cats are carnivores, so their diet must be a high-protein diet. If you have any questions, ask your vet for options.

You also want to have plenty of water available for cats to drink. They don’t typically have high thirst drives, so you want the water to be enticing. Some cats are also finicky about their water and will let you know when they think it needs to be refreshed. Water fountains are a great way to keep kitties interested in regularly drinking water.

5. Spend Time Bonding With Your Cat

Club Cat | 5 Tips for Inexperienced Cat Owners

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

You can’t get a cat and expect that it will want to cuddle or snuggle with you whenever you want if you’re not there for your cat. Cats need you as much as you need them. Engaging with your cat regularly keeps your kitty happy and encourages exercise, too. Cats love to chase laser pointers and feather toys, so take the time to do that with them so they know they can trust you. Once they do, they’ll be more inclined to give you all the love they have to offer. At the same time, respect the cat that doesn’t like snuggles because some just don’t—it’s all in their personality, and you’ll know that better when you make an effort to bond with your cat.

Making Your Cat Happy

When you have a cat, it’s up to you to be the type of cat owner that can keep your cat happy. With few exceptions, cats depend on you to be secure and healthy in their environment. Start by finding a good vet and having a comfortable space for your cat. Have good places for scratching available, along with high-quality food. Above everything, spend time with your cat, getting to know its personality so it can make itself at home.